Death ends life, not a relationship. All the love you created is still there. All the memories are still there. You live on—in the hearts of everyone you have touched and nurtured while you were here.
— Morris Schwartz


Josh had a sense of ease about him, a natural charisma that could not be taught, learned or duplicated. He was extremely engaging, welcoming and had a way of coaxing other’s innermost thoughts and feelings to the surface. He might have made you ponder when speaking in a philosophical sense, entered into a friendly debate and got you fired up only to lighten the mood with a witty joke, or even have a candid heart to heart about the wonderment of life. This was not to be overshadowed by his sense of adventure and fun—a taste for lively competition in sports. This competition was different. It was of course filled with passion, determination and hard work but was also unique when you saw how at times, it seemed masterly crafted to bring out the best in others. 

Josh had a thirst for wisdom and was a collector of quotes. This desire was expansive and stretched through many styles of knowledge- in higher education, documentaries, books, music and sports but, was perhaps most evident when your ear caught the level of curiosity he demonstrated when speaking about, what to him was unknown. On and off the field, Josh had a huge heart that was undeniably and flourished when working or volunteering with those that were challenged, had special needs and/or were just having a bad day. This was just one way he shared his passion for community and his way to help others find solace, if even just for that moment. 


The Josh Baker Memorial Tournament, formed in 2014 to honor its namesake, is a registered 501(c)3 nonprofit agency dedicated to healthy competition, individuals, and communities. The all-volunteer JBMT Board of Directors organizes the annual event around four principal objectives:

CULTIVATE partnerships with diverse organizations, leaders and volunteers that strengthen our capabilities and amplify our efforts.

CONTRIBUTE money and momentum to like-minded, community-based groups that further our cause.

CELEBRATE Josh Baker's life — remember and relate the full depth of his character, experience, strength and struggles.

CREATE opportunities for community engagement and development around wellness (active bodies, active minds, active communities).

JBMT Founding Board Members

Brian Baker 

Brian is Josh’s younger brother. As the first born, Josh was a protector, guide and role model for him and often led the way into new adventures in life. They often connected over and discussed their favorite musicians, comedians, and quotes from movies. Brian is a marketing professional and event producer in Portland. 

Gabe Baker 

Gabe is Josh’s youngest brother. Throughout their lives they shared similar interests, hobbies and passions—particularly those found at the intersection of soccer and music. Gabe is a Retail Supervisor at Nautilus Inc. 

Brendan Patrick Coughlin 

Brendan and Josh met as kindergartners on the pitch; several years later, still playing soccer and now attending the same school, their friendship deepened over a mutual appreciation and application of sarcastic humor. Their friendship spanned more than 25 years. Brendan is a professional photographer in Portland; he conceived the JBMT in 2014. 

Mikey Heller 

Mikey met Josh at the age of seven, on the first day he arrived in Oregon. They shared a banana. Josh introduced him to the neighborhood kids and not long after that, soccer. They were immediate and life-long best friends. Mikey is the General Manager at Folexport Inc. 

Angie Maurer

Angie and Josh were introduced at a sixth-grade track meet; after attending the same middle and high schools they both enrolled at Oregon State. Their conversations (debates) around political philosophy and entertainment could carry on for hours and in some cases, years. Angie is a creative in Portland.

Marina Un

Marina first met Josh in 2006 at Pizza Baron in SE Portland. Since then, she's helped produced many events professionally and within the community while attending Portland State University. When she's not working as a Retail Marketing Specialist for Danner, Marina likes to karaoke, dance and eat brunch. She is the soon-to-be wife of fellow board member, Brian Baker. 

The Josh Baker Memorial Tournament is a registered 501(c)3 nonprofit organization, founded 2014. The JBMT Board of Directors organizes the annual event in honor of its namesake; tournament proceeds benefit community-based, like-minded charities.

Mailing address
808 N Shaver St., Portland, OR 97227